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Eurreca Micronutrient database

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Nutri-RecQuest gives the latest micronutrient recommendations of a country or organisation.

The database is based on the following measures and concepts:

1. Recommended intake levels:

  • Individual Nutrient Levels (INL97,5) also know as Recommended Daily, Allowances, Population Reference Intakes and Reference Intakes,
  • Adequate Intakes (AIs) alsoknow as Acceptable Intake and Safe Intake,
  • Adequate ranges also know as Acceptable Range and Safe intake range,

2. Average Nutrient Requirements (ANRs) and

3. Upper limits (ULs).

Collected from 37 European countries /organisations and eight non-European countries/regions the database contains information for 29 micronutrients for different population groups (infants, children & adolescent, adults, elderly, pregnant and lactating women.

For information on how to use it click on the Help option from the menu. For more information about the developers of Nutri-RecQuest, data collation and scientific background click on the Info option.

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